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Kicking the Habit of Smoking

Smoking is the largest cause of primary lung cancer, which is the leading cause of cancer related deaths. Therefore, smoking is the most preventable cause of death. It also contributes to illnesses including heart attack, emphysema, and stroke.

Side affects include nervousness, depression, and high cholesterol as it robs the body of good cholesterol.

It is never too late to quit. Studies show that when smokers quit, they add years to their life. The body immediately begins to repair itself with oxygenated blood.

Cold turkey is not always the best route for success. The sudden stop increases withdraw symptoms such as irritation and increased appetite. Learning by trial and error is one way to learn what works best for you.

One approach is a goal strategy. Keep track of what triggers cravings and replace

them with healthier habits. Or begin on a special date such as your birthday to mark and celebrate your success.

Talk to your doctor about trying a nicotine patch or gum, or cardio activity such as jogging. Some physicians may prescribe a low dose of bupropion to help lessen withdraw symptoms.

You will save money once spent for cigarettes. Also remember that your habit may affect loved ones including children and pets with allergies, ear infections, and even lung cancer due to second hand smoke.

Seek guidance from programs such as the American Heart Association or local support groups.

Add years to your life and reduce your chances of having lung cancer. Kick that habit

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