Quit Smoking Tips

Quitting Smoking

Modern therapy for helping people to stop smoking has 2 arms: skills training and assisting people to select and use stop-smoking drugs.

Skills Training:

Will power is not enough! Many people need skill power to be able to change addictive habits such as smoking. These skills can be learned.

Quitting and more importantly staying quit often takes a lot of personal commitment, time and practice. Maintaining self-motivation, coping with stress, boredom and anxiety and learning new non-smoking behaviors are inherently frustrating and may lead to increased anxiety and even depression.

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Anti-Smoking Vaccine

A vaccine that stops you smoking because you are no longer getting a buzz from the nicotine looks like becoming a reality say researchers. The vaccine has been developed by the Swiss biotechnology company Cytos.

How does smoking vaccine work?
The vaccine is based on a bacteriopage, a virus that attacks bacteria. The vaccine uses part of a protein that attracts an immune response to nicotine. Antibodies bind to the nicotine and it then prevents it from getting through to the brain. Without the ‘high’ that you get from the nicotine the incentive to smoke diminishes. The vaccine should make it easier makes it easier to give up tobacco.

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Smoking – Why Do We Smoke?

Many people think that smoking is not as harmful as many organizations and anti-smoking campaigns are trying to convince. But the truth is obvious. Nowadays we have access to plenty of sources which can give us the appropriate information about the history of smoking or the culture of smoking. We have information about the whole process of producing cigarettes and stuff of this kind and this is not all. The public society – people, organizations, national medical institutes and so on, we meet in internet is a big argument about the problem we have today. In XXI century each person is facing up against difficulties connected to his own health and his need to take care for it.

Smoking is a habit bad or good but the central problem is that when we smoke we don’t give a chance to people near us to make their choice. We have made our choice. We feel good when we smoke and everything is alright. Do we ask ourselves about other opinion? Is it enough to know that we feel comfortable and this is all we need to bear in mind?

Smoking is a problem of freedom. We are free to do whatever we desire no matter what it pays to. Nowadays we often disregard other people’s will in order to impose ours. We don’t feel necessity to look forward and pay attention to child’s feelings and needs for example.


Smoking – Why Do We Smoke? 2

There are plenty of reasons why we should smoke but a lot more why we shouldn’t. If smoking makes us more confident, more relax and concentrated it is worthy. Is it worthy enough if this little piece of pleasure damages our health unmendably? Many scientists say that smoking is the single most preventable cause of death and disease. If this is true, it cannot be so hard to stop smoking.

The most important though we must put into consideration is “Do I need to smoke in order to feel better?”, “Is it so impossible for me to stop this habit? Every single smoker knows that ingredients in each cigarette we can buy and smoke contain so much poison that harms every part of our bodies. Smoking not only can kill us faster than time but it can make us regret for our foolishness.

Recent examinations found out that cigarettes cause more deaths than cocaine, auto accidents, AIDS, alcohol, heroin, fire, suicide and homicide combined. This is not a lie. This is a conclusion. What can we do to stop the man made killer? Is there a power which can stop us take measures? We are dyeing from the moment we were born. Humans are not immortal. Is this truth enough to convince us that we do not need to take care about our longevity?

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